Charter Plane Services From Florida to the Bahamas 

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Avoid flying with AN airline by chartering a
private plane

Plane Travel Air provides you with the best private, commercial, and cargo air charters around. Our pilots are dedicated to meeting your travel needs, meaning there is no flight too hard for us to make. If you need to charter a plane from Florida to the Bahamas, we have you covered.

Door-to-Door Services

We are currently increasing our business by offering door to door services in the Bahamas and Caribbean. This means that we will go out and buy products for you, or you can drop-ship them to us at one of our Fort Lauderdale facilities. When it comes to Florida air charter services to the Bahamas, there is no better choice than Plane Travel Air.

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Any Job, Any Time

Whatever the job, big or small, we handle it all! Plane Travel Air currently provides logistics for off-the-beaten-path destinations. Our Florida private plane charter options to the Bahamas are incredibly popular. We offer the following professional, responsive services:

  • Private plane charters
  • Provisioning
  • Storing (short periods, hot/cold)
  • Documentation
  • Door to door service (Bahamas & Caribbean)
  • Exportation and importation of certain items
  • Overnight parts delivery
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  • Flexibility that accommodates your schedule
  • Timely services that meet your needs
  • Last-minute requests
  • Logistics management for cargo shipments in the Bahamas
  • Hop aboard within minutes of your confirmation

Safe, Dependable Air Transportation

  • Highly trained pilots
  • Combined 50 years of flight experience
  • Twin-engine reliability
  • All of our aircraft are FAR 135 certified
  • US bonded & Bahamian bonded
  • Latest navigation and traffic avoidance technology
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What are the benefits of private air charter vs commercial airline?

Private air charter allows you to access thousands of airports that commercial airlines don’t. Which, in turn, may get you closer to where you are really going thus saving you time and money.

Does flying charter require me to arrive an hour before departure?

No, it does not. You just show up 5 minutes before departure time (that you select), load, and fly.

Do I have to go through security lines once I arrive at the airport?

No. Most FBOs (Fixed Based Operators) allow the crew to escort you out to the aircraft and in some cases, you may be able to drive your car right up to the plane to unload your bags.

Am I limited to a certain amount of liquids in my luggage?

No. As long as it is not classified as HAZMAT (hazardous materials). Check here:

Can I travel to Cuba?

Yes, if you meet the criteria of the State Department 12 classifications. Check here:
See also:

Is flying charter less expensive than airlines?

In general, no. However, most private flights equate to a last minute purchase in first class, using 2-4 people as a guide to costs. Flying privately saves you time, which is money.

Transport Your Goods with Highly Trained Pilots with 50 years of Flight Experience

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